Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Business Challenge Almere Rally 2017
Team sponsoring car rally from Almere (the Netherlands) to Aalborg (Denmark) raising funds for “Stichting de Opkikker” who organizes a special day for children who suffer from a serious illness in the Netherlands.

CareClowns 2017
Stichting CareClowns are offering professional entertainers acting as clowns who are specialized in people with dementia visiting nursing homes across the Netherlands.

Liva 2017
Stichting Liva supports families in the Netherlands with children with healthcare problems such as chronical or terminal diseases and handicaps finding their way through the Dutch healthcare system as well as practical information and guidance.

Maccabiah 2017
The Maccabiah event in Israel hosts 10,000 athletes and 22,000 fans from more than 80 countries in a festival of sports in Israel. Bringing back people in a sporting activity.

Ride for the Roses 2017
Bike ride in the fight against cancer to which everyone can participate in the Netherlands.

Cell Dogs 2017 – present
Stichting Cell Dogs guide detainees in training asylum dogs who are often abused in the Netherlands and thereby have adaption problems. Trainings have both positive effects on animals and people returning back to society.

Stichting Children’s Home  2017 – present
Home are supporting abandoned children with shelter, education and food in orphan houses in the south of India.

Help de Zwerfkat Stichting 2017 – present
Help de Zwerfkat provides shelter for stray cats who are not able to adjust in family homes in the Netherlands.

Oud Geleerd Jong Gedaan 2017+2018
Stichting Oud Geleerd Jong Gedaan organizes colleges given by students to seniors who live in residences and neighbourhood centres in the Netherlands.

RonaldMcDonalds Huis VUmc Amsterdam 2017+2018
RonaldMcDonalds Huis VUmc Amsterdam provides temporary shelter for families who have children who are hospitalized in VUmc hospital.

Stichting Alyn Hospital 2017+2018
Alyn hospital located in Israel treats and take care of rehabilitation of children regardless of their religion and background.

Zonnehuis Amstelveen 2017 – present
We support local fundraising activities in time & sponsoring if it comes to improvement of quality of life in benefit of the residents with dementia staying permanently at the nursing home.

Stichting Alpe d’Huzes 2019
Individual sponsoring climbing Alpe d’Huzes in benefit for cancer research.

Voedselbank Uithoorn – de Kwakel 2019 – present
In the Netherlands, more than a million people live below the poverty line. The Food Bank helps the poorest by temporarily providing them with food parcels.
We support the local food bank Uithoorn – de Kwakel on a structural basis.

Koninklijk Theater Carré 2020
Donation to Carré Fonds to support Koninklijk Theater Carré located in Amsterdam in times of the corona crisis.

As we believe in corporate social responsibility (CSR), TCF Advisory is taking People, Planet and Profit seriously.

People We love to work, but also try to keep our colleagues, clients, partners happy and built a long-term relationship. Our interest is not only work, but also value the quality of private life of people we work with.

Planet Our invoicing is digital. Also we encourage our partners to do so as well. We try to reduce our paper trail as much as possible. Therefore our correspondence and documents are most of the time digital. Because of our fully secured portal, we are able to file all our documentation & information digital.

Profit Sharing is caring and we are aware of people and animals in our society who are in need. We are sponsoring the following organizations, who in our opinion contribute to a better world for us all.